Look, we get it.

You’re bilingual in Toronto, and are in very high demand. You have an edge in this hyper-competitive marketplace. You speak French fluently and employers need you. It’s a candidate market out there as it is, but even more so for you.

You post a resume on any job board and get inundated with requests from headhunters and HR professionals alike. So why bother going to a recruiter when you could potentially do it all on your own?

Here are the top 8 reasons to use Bilingual Source in your job search:

1. We Save You TIME: Don’t you hate it when you get to an interview and it’s not the right job at all? Or even worse, the job duties or salary have been misrepresented to you? A professional recruiter can eliminate all the noise for you by sending you only to opportunities that meet your strict criteria. This saves you the time and frustration of going to unnecessary interviews. With a good recruiter by your side, you will be investing your time in only the right opportunities.

2. It’s FREE: There is no charge for you to use our recruiter’s services. The recruiter is paid a finders fee by the client company. That is why a good recruiter will look out for your best interests as it is in theirs as well. It’s a mutually beneficial, long term relationship.

2. You’ll Get a Better Offer: You may think that you can negotiate a better package for yourself (salary, vacation, benefits), but often times negotiating for yourself can put you in an inferior situation. Sometimes it can be outright awkward. In some extreme circumstances, we have even experienced employers rescinding offers due to candidate’s high salary demands.

Just like you wouldn’t try to sell your own condo or house, you shouldn’t try to negotiate your own salary. These are some of the critical points in your life where it is best to have a trained professional do it for you.

We have more information than you do, which can help us position you for the best possible outcome.

3. You Access a Concealed Market: Due to an abundance in unqualified applications, many companies do not use job boards because they know they are too time consuming. They are smart and at times they have a confidential search that they cannot advertise.

This is where employers would much rather use a professional recruiter. As a result of these circumstances, you are not seeing the entire picture when searching for yourself online. Using a professional recruiter can ensure that you land the best opportunity out there, even if it’s hidden.

4. Get the Inside Scoop: Recruiters see things from an interesting vantage point. They see the flow of people going in and coming out of various organizations. As a result, a recruiter can provide you with valuable insight into what is happening inside companies, which can help you make a much more informed decision. This is your career after all.

5. Privacy: Do you think your employer won’t find out you’re looking? Think again!

Most employers have set up automatic search agents on the big boards to see which of their employees is looking to make a move. Going to a recruiter can eliminate this altogether.

6. Professional Interview Preparation: We have successfully placed thousands of individuals. As a result, we know the best interview techniques for success. When you engage our services, you tap into those interview tips. This will maximize your chances of landing that perfect opportunity.

7. You Get Valuable Feedback on Your Interviewing Skills: One of our trained recruiters will note any errors, or areas for improvement in your face to face interview. When they are ready to send you to one of their clients, they will offer you valuable insight on where you can improve your interviewing skills. They will typically offer you example questions that you can prepare before that big interview.

We have seen offers lost because of something very small that was said in an interview. Why take the chance of losing a great opportunity by trying to go at it alone? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using a good recruiter.

8. Feedback:  Recruiters will go land you valuable client feedback as soon as possible. It’s in everyone’s best interest after all. When job searching alone, it can be very frustrating waiting for long periods of time with no feedback. A recruiter can eliminate that altogether.